Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

Feted in some quarters as a one to watch in 2010, Two Door Cinema Club are apparent front runners in the Alteronica genre - which one assumes stands for 'alternative electronica'. In reality this translates as bog standard indie music with a Macintosh-produced backing track instead of a more traditional drum and bass combo. There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach but over the course of this debut album it fast becomes dull and rather repetitive.

Tourist History opens promisingly enough with ‘Cigarettes In The Theatre’, with it’s Sufjan Stevens-like vocal stylings and perky new wave rhythms. Unfortunately the rest of the album follows the same pattern: slow bit, fast bit, slow bit, fast bit, fast bit – which leaves the listener with a sense of déjà vu as each song merges in to the next with no perceptible difference between them .

Fortunately, the album comes in at a mere 32 minutes and we can quickly escape to more worthy pursuits, like watching the Brits Award ceremony. Yes, Tourist History really is that dull.



out of 10

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