Foxy Shazam - Flowerpot, London

London can be a bit of a bugger to get around at times, with weekend tube line closures causing problems. I'm normally on the ball when it comes to these sort of issues but I failed to notice that Camden station was closed when I needed it to be open, resulting in a lengthy dash from Mornington Crescent to the Flowerpot venue!

The Flowerpot is quickly turning into my favourite intimate gig setting. The pub has bands playing almost every night and never charges admission so produces a great opportunity to witness up and coming UK and US acts. I was legging it to the venue as I was hoping to see US rockers Foxy Shazam.

The band were part of a two band bill but I had a feeling that they'd be on first as I was running late, with my fears confirmed as I neared the building, hearing the muffled sound of their music leaking out into the street. I entered the packed venue, worming my way to the front where there was actually a bit of space, pulled out my camera and started snapping away...

Foxy Shazam are a sensational live band, delivering a full on performance from start to finish. Their music resembles at various points in the proceedings down and dirty New York Dolls style rock, touches of Queen and The Darkness and 80's glam metal with added trumpet!

Lead singer Eric Nally is a force to be reckoned with, cavorting about the stage, throwing mic stands around and spending a lot of the set on band member's shoulders. The other Foxy gentleman are just as energetic mind you, with keyboard player Sky White happily showing off his handstand skills when not hammering away on his keyboard.

There's no sign of the band releasing anything over hear yet unfortunately. The US received Introducing back in 2008, with a self titled collection due to hit the stores in April. It looks like it will be the album that really puts the band on the map, especially as it contains a huge anthemic single in the form of "Unstoppable", a track that's already had a lot of exposure due to its appearance during the Super Bowl.

The band are touring the States for the next couple of months but I'm sure they'll return at some point to the UK. If they do they are a "Must See", especially in an intimate venue. You wont be disappointed!

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