Poostosh - Herbarium

Poostosh is not the verdict on the album but is, believe it or not, the band’s name; not the most endearing moniker in the world but, as they are Russian, we can forgive them that. Herbarium is a marvellously cinematic album, vast and sprawling yet with a rich dreamlike humanity at its core. Perseverance is the key to appreciating this album for it does not give up its charms without a fight. Upon first listen it is disconcertingly easy to find one’s attention drifting off into the ether but there’s enough there to draw the listener back in and guide an appreciation of the space and haunting beauty of the music therein. Ambience is the name of the game and the album treads a fine line between the shimmering Bauhaus simplicity of Daniel Lanois and the ‘flowers in the hair’ pastoral introspection of More era Pink Floyd. The ideal album for just kicking back and watching the grass grow under your feet.



out of 10

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