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Forget financial meltdown and natural disasters, Sweden’s Sambassadeur are here to blow away fear and despair with a resolutely upbeat and breezy slice of pop perfection. The album burst forth with a delicious hybrid of the indie fizz ofThe Darling Buds and the cool Euro-pop stylings ofThe Cardigans; even managing to surrepticioulsy rip off Simon & Garfunkle’s ‘Bright Eyes’ on a stylophone before the first track is done. There’s nothing terribly innovative on offer, the band opting to mine pop’s rich legacy for tracks such as ‘I Can Try’ which shamelessly wears the capacious trousers of The Lightning Seeds, but it never fails to thrill. It could have all proven too be too sickly sweet to bear but for the masterful inclusion of the sublime acoustic instrumental ‘A Remote View’ which brings the mood down enough to ensure that the magical Motown punch of ‘Sandy Dunes’ has maxium impact. Effortlessly engaging pop music.



out of 10

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