Owl City - Ocean Eyes

"Near the gates and within the cities, there will be two scourges the like of which was never seen" - Nostradamus

Many attributed the above quote to the atomic bombs dropped upon the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But reading it in 2010 it begins to make sense in a new context. Could he have forseen the dual pronged assault upon the UK pop charts by celebrity half-wits Jedward?

What the great prophet didn't see though was Adam Young (aka Owl City) combatting his insomnia by spending nights making happy-go-lucky tunes on his laptop to help pass the time. Adam could never have realised when he was penning these tunes in his Minnesota basement that in a few short years they would be required on the other side of the Atlantic, as he alone would battle the "two scourges" of Jedward and keep them off the top of the UK charts.

Although this album isn't going to start any revolutions, it is an enjoyable collection of upbeat pop songs built around subjects as mundane as a trip to the dentist. His synthpop melodies paint the perfect blue skies and green fields of Sonic The Hedgehog, allowing him to dash across the landscape with his heavily affected vocals crooning like a robot serenading his servos. His voice is twisted and contorted into a new instrument in the same way as a guitarist injects new life into their fretwork with banks of effects pedals.

‘The Saltwater Room’ exhibits some adorable male to female interplay. As the tempo pushes upwards the influence from European dancefloors becomes more apparent. There are no new genres being carved out here – but there are plenty of love letters penned to existing ones.

Ocean Eyes is a collection of well structured but not over-thought out pop songs that will add a ray of sunshine to the bleakest day.



out of 10

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