Trail - To The Rest Of The World

Trail are the latest of a growing number of bands who’ve eschewed the traditional music business route to releasing music and have opted to source the financing from their fanbase. In the space of just 9 months the band secured the £20K necessary to record and release To The Rest Of The World and, with cash burning a hole in their pockets, attracted the attention of multi platinum producer Matt Wallace who took them across the pond to record the album in LA. The result is a disappointingly tame MOR hybrid of Snow Patrol and Westlife which is remarkably competent but about as thrilling as a wet weekend in Slough. It’s just too nice, they’d probably have been better off spending £15K on gin and recorded it on the cheap in the garage. That said, with the wind in the right direction, it has the confidence, and tendency toward huge choruses, that could see it sell in bucketloads to the Jeremy Clarkson set.



out of 10

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