Various Artists - Push It: Classic Party & Dance Tracks

Oh Jedward what have you done? Forget about chanting "Candyman" into a mirror, they've only gone and resurrected Vanilla Ice and, as we know only too well, he don't ride alone. No when Vanilla Ice wakes up, all his friends wake up... Come out, come out wherever you are, you can't hide from the likes of 2 Unlimited, Mel & Kim, let alone Yazz or the mighty Salt N Pepa. This album is the audio equivalent of what was running through the head of that chubby cub scout from Jim'll Fix It as he hurlted down that rollercoaster. There's some genuine classic material here, from the nascent rap stylings of the Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash through to the student dancefloor filling space-dust explosion of Groove is in the Heart, but for every classic there's a terrifying reminder of the horrors of Top of the Pops past, such as the gruesome Lionel Richie or the mind numbing Miami Sound Machine. Sometimes you just have to switch off your brain and just go with what your butt is telling you though and this is undoubtedly one of the best, tongue in cheek party albums that has crashed through our office window in, oh, weeks at least. Get higher baby, and don't ever come down.



out of 10

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