Tony Sly - 12 Song Program

Ah, a singer from a pop-punk act breaking free and showing the ‘real’ them with an acoustic singer-songwriter type album. Just what the world needed. Well actually no, it doesn’t need this. Here, No-Use For A Name front-man Tony Sly croons and whines to a mostly boring and uninventive backing track, not really capturing anyone’s attention with his take on the turgid, acoustic ballad format.

On ‘Via Munich’, he sings about trying to "find a friend", but he sure ain’t going to make any singing these uninspired and uninventive songs at them. ‘Love, Sick Love’ succeeds in making me feel sick, rather than love whenever I hear it, and ‘Amends’ does the exact opposite of its title by failing to make up for the past follies heard on the rest of the album. Tony says that it took him seven years to finally get these songs out and into the world, but God knows why they weren’t imprisoned indefinitely.

Despite this there is a slight respite on ‘Keira’, where the guitar strains sound almost like a modern take on English folk but, alas, Tony has to go ruin things by opening his mouth, letting that grating pop-punk tone escape onto the track. Mr Sly should probably just stick to his high-energy, thrashy pop-punk in the future and save us the pain of having to listen to his quieter side.



out of 10

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