Various Artists - Godskitchen: Pure Trance Classics

For the casual punter, the Godskitchen series has - like the Ministry of Sound albums before it - become something of a reflex purchase, to be throw in the trolley along with the mango juice and tubes of Pringles on the weekly wander around ASDA. Club music purists occasionally complain about the particular mixes that are chosen to represent some of the tracks but they tend to be good value and decent snapshots of a particular genre at any one time. That said, for this resolutely living room footshaker, this volume includes too many tepid tracks that verge on MOR electro, with a particularly troubling trend for insipid male vocals which simply reek too much of Ibiza. Trance covers of Duran Duran and Tim Buckley (Aurora and Ratty respectively) may also be too much for even the hardcore to stomach. There are still a few diamonds in the rubble, however: the new age-isms of Solar Stone; Push's magnificent 'Universal Nation'; and the old school trance pleasures of 4 Strings and System F but, just like the drugs, even the tunes aren't as pure as they used to be.



out of 10

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