Cobra Starship - Hot Mess

Synthesized to the max and colour-coordinated with a pack of Crayola, Cobra Starship release their third studio album, Hot Mess, and bask in the neon glow of their own electro eminence. With writing assistance from both Pete Wentz and Kevin Rudolph on their new material, you expect their sound to be a goody-bag full of pop-fuelled, dance sassyness. Join me as I delve into their duffel and have a good old rummage.

The album opens with the siren filled ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’, a track so charged with positive pop ions that most definitely wouldn’t be out of place on a Britney Spears album - point proven with the gen-u-wine snippets from ‘Womanizer’ throughout. The first single released from the album, the 1.6 million-selling ‘Good Girls Go Bad’, sticks out like an ace in the pack. A monumental head swayer and hip flicker, it may set your loins on fire with its electro-pop tempo and open lyrics (the only let down is the shout and clap battle that fills out the track towards the end, making you wish you were perhaps listening to ‘Walk this Way’ instead).

Their latest single however, which appears as the title track on the album, features the same naughty neon beats as their previous release only this time with more literal 'oomph'. To detract attention from perhaps the more dubious lyrics (‘Stumbling but yeah, you're still looking hella fine; Keep doing what you're doing and I'm a make you mine’) there’s a Rudolph-inspired dynamic dance beat that is making my legs itch to boogie just thinking about it. In fact, it’s so full to the brim of sexy bass that Timbaland asked them if he could have it back.*

There are also many tracks on Hot Mess which have a certain electro-fused, pubescent Fall Out Boy feel about them, namely ‘You’re Not In On The Joke’, ‘Move Like You Gonna Die’, and ‘Wet Hot American Summer’. This mostly comes from the vocal performance of Gabe Saporta, whose intonation has no trouble in giving yet another fluorescent dimension to the already multi-simplex appeal of the band.

There might just be no use in resisting the New York quintet’s pop-electro charms. In fact, their venom may already be in your system. No matter what your musical preference, there is bound to be at least one track on the album which satisfies your head antennas. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to get you moving like a hip young thing within no time.

*not true.



out of 10

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