So So Modern - Crude Futures

Q:How do you tell if you are in The Music Fix doghouse? A:You get sent the debut album from an uncategorizable band from New Zealand to review. The last laugh is on the editor this time however as this is an unexpected pleasure; a ripe peach in a bucket of maggoty crab apples. In any case, I like to rise to the challenge of pinning down the undefinable, and after just a handful of spins I’m ready to ram So So Modern into my hastily cobbled together new pigeonhole marked Janes Addiction meets At The Drive In. The only drawback to this cunning plan being that they don’t actually sound very much like either band; well, it’s more of an ambience thing.... y'know? The heavily processed analogue vocals certainly have more than a dash of early Perry Farrell about them, just check ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ for evidence of that, and the often brutal, awkward beats pull in references from all of your favourite bands from the entire post-punk period. The main thing to note is that Crude Futures is danceable, exciting and, above all, interesting. So So Modern have got something to say and have have crafted an album worth listening to; what more can you ask of a debut?



out of 10

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