Shy Child - White Heat @ Madame Jojo's, London

In the packed-out cave that is Madame Jojo’s tonight, Shy Child are about to take the stage for what is their first UK show in well, quite a while. Having emerged onto our shores around 2006 and being lucky enough to gain high-profile support slots with the likes of Klaxons, and even a chance to perform at Wembley Stadium with Muse, tonight’s show is much anticipated - especially considering that their sophomore album, Liquid Love, is in the traps and ready to go.

Kicking off with the title track of the aforementioned new album, it is immediately noticeable the kind of woozy disco-pop direction they have taken. First single ‘Disconnected’, sounds considerably better live than on record, its funky chorus really getting the crowd moving and shaking. Since their last appearance they've added two young ladies to their touring line-up, on bass and keyboards respectively but the awesome keytar usually wielded by singer Pete Cafarelli is sadly missing. On older tracks such as the brilliant ‘Drop The Phone’, he would usually be seen jumping around and generally enjoying himself but tonight he’s confined behind a tower of keyboards and strangely, seems a little uninterested in performing. We'll put it down to jetlag for now.

Things don’t improve particularly, with previous single ‘Summer’ making an appearance albeit as a slightly reworked, and as a result, ploddingly unexciting version. They end with two more newies that are again dull and mid-paced and just not very fun at all.

Having seen these guys before, I was expecting a much more energetic performance, and while not a total dud, it wasn’t the exciting return the crowd were hoping for.

Liquid Love
Take Us Apart
Drop The Phone
Open Up The Sky
Criss Cross

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