Nedry - Condors

Despite having possible the least inspiring band name in the history of pop Nedry have nevertheless contrived to make one of the most enthralling and exciting debut albums of recent times. Together for barely over a year the London trio have beaten the life from the hackneyed corpses of the plethora of pointless genres which litter inner-city streets and have crafted something entirely new. Well, nothing is ever entirely new these days is it but their combination of ingredients displays a particularly sophisticated palate; for Condors is a fine fusion of fluttering indie, dread laden post-rock and eclectic beats. It is inevitable that the heartmelting contributions of vocalist Ayu Okakita will draw comparisons with Sugarcubes era Bjork, but the album also draws in the bass heavy atmospherics of Radiohead and then proceeds to brutalise the whole ensemble with some intense, throbbing synth splurges and glitchy beats. It’s hard to draw out highlights from such a satisfying body of work but ‘Apples and Pears’ is a stunning tour de force which sweeps from gentle acoustic whimsy through to devastating, disorientating, distorted, digital dystopia in a matter of minutes. It may only be thirty minutes long but it offers up something new on each repeat listen. Sublime and essential.



out of 10

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