Puerto Muerto - Drumming For Pistols

Not being au fait with their previous work the prospect of listening to a husband and wife duo from Chicago induced a sense of impending doom. Thankfully the end result isn’t a predictable rehash of the White Stripes but rather an epic, theatrical album of tales, the delivery of which owes as much to Kurt Weill as it does Kurt Cobain. Much of the success of the album comes from the constant variation of mood and style, from the frantic Pixies rough and tumble of ‘Arcadia’ to the tender fragility of the Warner Herzog inspired ‘The Bell Ringer’. The real charm of the band, however, comes from the soul shaking classically trained vocals of Christa Meyer which shine like a gold tooth in a spit bucket. An album of biblical simplicity and intensity, this is a rich and morose seam which can be reliably mined for dirt, destruction and despair. None more bleak.



out of 10

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