Longview - In A Dream

Uncut magazine said of Longview that they had an, "...enduring worldliness that recalls U2 or Elbow." Which is exactly what we now need...more bands like Elbow, clogging up the middle of the charts with their dreary, heartfelt songs that have been written by skinny-armed boys who're no closer to finding love than they are an original idea.

I'd have said limp-wristed but listening to this asthmatic tune, it's clear that the only part of Longview's bodies that get a regular workout are their wrists.

Never mind U2, Longview are closer to Belfast Child-era Simple Minds - all big, rock noise but blustering with it, as though the trick of putting some blood in the music was more difficult than putting four chords together. As for melody, there's precious little here but it's the lack of passion that rankles. Despite the reception it was given, I always found The Joshua Tree a curiously cold listen as though U2, Eno and Lanois failed to get to the heart of the songs on the album, particularly when comparing it to War or Achtung, Baby!. Again, Longview mistake playing slowly and solidly with real passion as though a drummer who struggles to keep time is equal to having lived through some hard times.



out of 10

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