Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Real Life Is No Cool

He (Lindstrøm) is the Norwegian electronica producer, famed for his sometimes epic cuts. She (Christabelle; not Chris de Burgh ,thankfully) is a half-Norwegian, half-Mauritian singer. Real Life Is No Cool indulges their shared love of 70s and 80s soul and disco. With 'Baby Can't Stop' and 'Let's Practice' they come shamelessly close to imitating 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'' and 'I Feel Love' respectively. Brush such niggles to one side, however, and you have an enjoyably nostalgic record. Lindstrøm's best moment comes in the form of 'Let it Happen', which bristles with that early-days-of-house MDMA energy. Still, the real find here is the previously unknown Christabelle. Whether riding the bumps of opener 'Looking For What' or doing an agreeable falsetto-Prince impression on 'Keep It Up' (which sounds like a smoochy number but is actually about 'violent relationships'), her voice is smooth, versatile and - listen up X-Factor contestants! - never needlessly showy.



out of 10

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