Will Young - Friday's Child

One of the more curious sights on television of the past fortnight was seeing Will Young on stage with James Brown. The Godfather Of Soul...with Will Young, as white, plastic and aenemic a singer that it's possible to hear outside of the eighties boom in Essex jazz, when ownership of a John Coltrane album, white socks and black loafers was considered a softly-trodden footstep away from cool.

Were it not for the absence of a shotgun, a high-speed car chase through the stadium and Brown not looking as dishevelled as he has done on recent portrait shots (© US State Authorities), you'd have been forgiven that thinking that Brown was still consuming PCP the van-load and that, a couple of years from now, he'll look back on appearing in London with Will Young and shake his head at the memories. He may even appear in an anti-drugs advert, warning of the dangers, "Drugs are so bad, I even thought I sang with some skinny white guy in London. Me? James Brown? Godfather Of Soul...shit, drugs are bad!"

But anyway, Friday's Child by Will Young...apparently this lasts for nine minutes on the album of the same name but I struggled to get through the 4m13s of this single. Nine minutes? For a Will Young song? I know he popped his chart cherry with a version of The Doors' Light My Fire but he's no reason to be competing with them on time. What's Will Young ever done that he needs nine minutes of our time to tell us about?

But still, the song...it follows Leave Right Now and Your Game after Young's defeat in World Idol and, well, it's sort of nice, I guess. Leave Right Now wasn't bad actually, which meant that Friday's Child was never really going to be any good. I mean, what's the chances of Will Young ever delivering two songs in his life that are any good. This one starts nice, ends nice...is nice in the middle. Like reading Woman & Home. But, y'know, I'd never subscribe to it.



out of 10

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