Billy Talent - River Below

There's one bizarre moment that occurs 2m09s into the song, when a pre-chorus yelp of (possibly), "Watch out the river below" is sung in the style of the cop at the end of Withnail And I who instructs Withnail, in unarguable terms, to, "Get in the van!". It's the first time I've heard the like of it on a song and can only imagine that it's meant to suggest a passion that no ordinary sound can quite convey.

As for the rest of the song, it's the kind of stressed-out, teen-punk that Blink 182 do so well and which doubtless hits some kind of nerve that the body rids itself of after the age of nineteen. Expect, therefore, Billy Talent shows to be chock-full of single, teenage boys and the air of desperation for tattoos, alcohol and cooler parents to be both stifling and almost as strong as the desire to have sex. River Below may well be about something but any meaning is lost in the admittedly tuneful guitars, pop nous and punk crunch. It's a fine song but little different from those that influenced it, meaning that where we ought to hear Billy Talent, we actually hear Blink 182, Sum 41 and Green Day.



out of 10

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