Godzilla Black release FREE album

Godzilla Black have released their debut album, intriguingly described as "axecore", for free. You can download it by visiting the band's website.

Welcome to the exceptional and improbable world of Godzilla Black.

It’s sometimes hard to divine fact from fiction with regards to Godzilla Black, such is the incorporeal nature of its existence. One cannot even be sure how many members comprise its hive mind at any one time. But this much is known to be true:

The group’s earliest origins can be traced to early 2006 when two drummers met and colluded to create a fresh and unique sonic experience. The percussive commonality would become a key aspect of their sound. They spent the next couple of years honing their craft, recording several E.P.s and playing shows around the UK.

2009 saw the group expand, both in size and concept. They self-recorded their first album, due out 25th January 2010 via free internet download. (http://godzillablack.bandcamp.com/)

They record and rehearse in an old Evil Dead style shack, somewhere in Sidcup, Kent. Gene Simmons originally wanted to call Kiss “Sidcup, Kent”, saying “apparently it’s in England somewhere, but it sounds like it’s on fucking Mars!”.

They enjoy attacking an audience with psychedelic, heavy tribalism and sporting fetching blacked-out Hawaiian shirts while dancing on the face of all things good, proper and decent.

Members of Godzilla Black can claim to have these things:

1. Played on Top of the Pops in a chart conquering band
2. Studied law
3. A mother who has been propositioned by Brian Blessed.
4. Inadvertently thwarted a plot to assassinate a political figure
5. Played in a band with Metallica’s drum tech.

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