Ke$ha - Animal

So who is Ke$ha? For the uninitiated, she's the 22 year old behind 'Tik Tok', a worldwide number one hit, that meshes electro pop with rap. She's a white, shit-talking auto-tune toting rapper, a million miles away from the clean living images of the likes of Taylor Swift or the Jonas Brothers, telling the other side of the story of teenage life, the trailer trash Avril Lavigne, if you will.

Vocally, she's part valley girl, part auto-tuned robot, part Salt 'n' Peppa. But the musical sensibility is dance pop all the way. This is a collection of seriously catchy songs, thanks in no small part to Dr Luke's production - the man responsible for tracks from the likes of Katy Perry and Flo Rida.

In the grand tradition of white rappers, it's hard to tell how serious she's being with these ladette anthems for a new decade. Ke$ha's songs come on like the night out every parent hopes their daughter isn't having: booze soaked, aggressive and lairy. Apparently she's looking for a guy that looks like Mick Jagger (a pensioner who increasingly looks like his own Spitting Image puppet? Are you sure?) and she'd like you to show her "where your dick is at", while elsewhere we find her "bored and stoned" - that is, when she's not fighting or drinking. It's funny that this rebellious attitude finds itself caged within such a bubblegum pop sensibility, and it's that slightly subversive contradiction that makes the record interesting. You find yourself singing along, then catch yourself when you realise just what it is you're singing.

This is no masterpiece, but it's an intriguing calling card and antidote to the clean living pop stars so popular recently in the States - but where Ke$ha goes from here when she's come in all guns blazing is anyone's guess.



out of 10

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