Hammer No More The Fingers - Looking For Bruce

With a tsunami of Pavement nostalgia about to hit, Durham (North Conneticut, USA) trio Hammer No More The Fingers seem well-placed to benefit. Trading in clever - but not annoyingly smart - indie of the wonky variety, they meld Malkmus and co's angular guitars with engaging melodies of a sort Rivers Cuomo once wrote in his sleep. For a debut, Looking ... arrives oddly confident, with tracks like 'Radiation' almost showy in their arrangements, tempo and key changes tossed off (Ooh Matron, please!) with the gayest of abandon. 'Nobody Knows' has a chuggy, Weezer-style chorus that cries out for some heavy MTV2 rotation. 'Mushrooms' is, as the lyrics state, "pretty fucking tasty", again showing the band's ability to mix up a big tune with other, unpredictable elements - and all in under three minutes. Overall, fans of clean-shaven American indie rock (Get Up Kids, Superchunk, etc.) will find much to appreciate here and this is another indication that 2010 might just be the year geekcore comes back.



out of 10

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