Jason Downs - Shut Up (Hook Up)

To begin with, he bemoans having to talk to a woman and listen to her problems when all that he has on his mind is bedding her. Instead of his complaints, he should be more thankful of having something to occupy his mind when he eventually crashes out on the scratcher instead of having to think of 0-0 draws dragged out in late-season relegation battles like the rest of us do.

Pop, funk and something like folk but with enough sheen to make the pop kids think they're buying a bona fide hit when texting off for a ringtone, Shut Up (Hook Up) is a pleasing jumble of influences but offers too little to be memorable - the acoustic guitar is subtle, Downs' voice is easygoing and the drum machine gently patters without ever being noticed. As such, there's nothing here that hasn't been recorded on four-track portastudios country-wide with only Downs' lyrics offering something that more amateur efforts don't.



out of 10

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