Ceephax Acid Crew - United Acid Emirates

Ceephax is back, kicking off 2010 in a mighty electronic style with his most complete album to date. As an artist already capable of some magnificent material this is the first time he has managed to pull everything together to make an album that really clicks as a body of work. In flicking through his back catalogue it would be difficult to place which track came from which album, but the tunes on United Acid Emirates has a signature all of its own.

Like many great albums it manages to mix familiarity with variety: there are a lot of ideas in here as tempos shift and patterns twist but it’s clear that this is a Ceephax album from the get go. His unique thread stitches all the tracks together into a magnificent electronic tapestry. Alongside the much welcomed continuity are some of the finest tracks he has ever produced. Like a electronic time lord he sets the controls of his tardis for a journey of electronic history.

Opener ‘Cedric's Sonnet’ bounces along like a hyperactive puppy - its clean synth sound is straight from late night educational programs of the 70s. ‘Life Funk’ tips its hat to the 16-bit demo scene of the late 80s, so much so that one expects scrolling text and 3D balls to enter from stage left at any time. Moving into the 90s is the chip-tune masterclass of ‘Sidney's Sizzler’, perfectly soundtracking exploits in two-dimensional haunted mansions. Also clinging onto the joystick for dear life is beat-em-up-sampling ‘Arcadian (Castilian II)’, whilst the more ambient sounds of ‘Topaz’ sound like they are being beamed to 2010 by a futuristic civilisation of sentient biscuits.

Ceephax may not have the notoriety of some of his electronic contemporaries, but he has been confidently twiddling with his knobs in the underground for the last decade, all the time honing his skills and sounds. At this point in his career with a very strong album for Planet Mu one hopes a wider audience will appreciate his significant talents rather than just a select few.



out of 10

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