Ten Things With Lee Gaze - Part Two

Monday sees the release of fourth Lostprophets album The Betrayed and to mark the release, Lostprophets guitarist Lee Gaze has given The Music Fix a brief insight into what makes him tick in the tidy form of lists.

Following on from yesterday's love and hate lists, today's list focus on ten things you might not know about him and his ten personal musical influences. Visit The Music Fix tomorrow for our official verdict on The Betrayed.

1.Phil from Motorhead lent me my first guitar amp.

2. I know no guitar chords and cannot read music.
3. I wanted to be a drummer.
4. I quit school early because I was convinced I'd be in a successful band.
5. I drove Brian Johnson's (AC/DC) E type Jaguar.

6. I have an obsession with anything to do with aeronautics.
7. I wanted to be a zoologist but when school put me on work experience in a pet shop, I quit the idea.
8. I have a bad temper and no patience (small man complex).
9. I almost drowned in Hawaii when we were recording Liberation Transmission.

10. I am a loner and love exploring new cities by myself.

1. The Police.

2. Metallica.
3. Slayer.
4. The Cure.

5. Iron Maiden.
6. Megadeth.
7. Anthrax.

8. Pantera.
9. The Prodigy.
10. Duran Duran.

The Betrayed was recorded in several locations and studios in Los Angeles, with a few false starts where the band scrapped various recordings with different producers. Eventually, a trip back to their native Wales and original rehearsal rooms in Cardiff saw the group re-invigorated and energised and on their return to the US things came together quickly. Bassist Stuart Richardson took on production and mixing duties alongside Justin Hopfer, with whom he’d previously worked with on Welsh rock act Attack Attack, for the first time.

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