House Of Lords - Buffalo Bar

House of Lords are not that House Of Lords, they are keen to point out should you make the easy mistake of confusing them with the upper chamber. Not that you could do that, though, this House Of Lords, with their stage decorations that consist of oversized plastic skulls and pigeons, are clearly more sane than their constitutionally fudged namesake. Humor in music seldom works well, unless you're going for out and out comedy but the House Of Lords manage well with a sort of subtle humor that you might not even notice, which is a very good thing.

Their opening number House of Lords is also a very good thing. A sprawling, loose epic with a great chorus and meaty guitars and you can guess what the chorus goes like. Instantly catchy, suddenly everyone in the crowd is on their side. It's great when that happens and House of Lords can't really lose from that moment onwards. They sound something like a pop version of Sonic Youth, if you can imagine such a thing with a twist of The Fall thrown in for good measure. It’s a noisy maelstrom of sonic chaos but with excellent songwriting skills holding it all together. Key changes, subtle little harmonies and even a bird song solo. House Of Lords continue in a similar fashion for the rest of the set. All their songs are instantly sing-along-able to, and when the subject matter includes stuff like the dilemma faced when you’ve a bird trapped in your house, why not just sing-along? We’ve all been there, right?

They're also extremely likeable and charismatic. Their blonde, cheeky looking vocalist oozes a warm humor that looks like he's been touring for the last ten years despite not looking much older; he's confident and has a throaty voice and great delivery and is backed by a band of reprobates each of which looks like they’re having a smashing time on stage and so will you. House of Lords, based on this very brief set, look like one to look out for. They’re not doing anything new, but they are doing it with flair. See them if you can, and have a look at the website, which you will find by clicking here, to download some songs and stuff…

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