Yeti Lane interview

Formed after the break up of Cyann & Ben are Yeti Lane. These funky Frenchmen had us shaking our Euro-makers around TMF towers in 2009 with their amazing tortoise inspired song 'Lonesome George'. With their debut due on these shores on the 25th of January Adrian Mules popped over to see them with a list of questions and an even longer list of duty free.

Hi Yeti Lane, thanks for chatting to us at the music fix. How are things with you?

Ben Pleng: We're fine thank you. Ready to release our record in UK.

Charlie Boyer: Hi.

Would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to our readers?

Ben : I'm Ben from Yeti Lane, I sing in this band and I play guitar and keyboards too. I live in Paris and most of the time I play music, listen to music, watch movies and spend some times late at night with my friends talking about music and movies.

Charlie : I’m Charlie, I play drums and some electronic stuff.

‘Lonesome George’ was featured in our November playlist. There is a large variety of different sounds and styles on there. Is this a by-product of your song writing process?

Ben : We're interested in a lot of music styles. A Yeti Lane song is usually the mix of different ideas we had all along the process, so the result is not based on one single color.

Charlie : We like a lot of different sounds and styles, that’s true. I don’t know if 'Lonesome George' is really representative of our songwriting process, as it’s the probably the most “radio friendly” track, but the blend of analogue synth, drums, electronics and guitars is more or less our personal touch. There are two songwriters and singers in Yeti Lane, and we all participate to the arrangements, so there is a wide variety of colours within the album.

You were previously a four piece as Cyann & Ben, how has the dynamic changed upon becoming a three piece?

Ben : Each member had to find his new function in Yeti Lane. Because we didn't want to integrate a fourth member, we had a lot more to do.

Charlie : Yes, we had to learn how to balance the role of each of us as a three-piece.

Who are your favourite three piece band of all time?

Charlie : The Jimi Hendrix Experience… I haven’t listened to them for years, but it was a strong influence when I was younger.

How did you come up with the name Yeti Lane?

Charlie : That’s a long story, it involved a T-shirt, a comic shop in Montreal, a fanzine bought in New York, a krautrock album, a Beatles song, a sticker seen on a car windscreen and a couple of stupid jokes.

Phew, okay. Do you think the Yeti actually exists?

Charlie : Of course, why not ?

Ben : I don't know, but i hope so.

Who do you think would win in a fight between The Loch Ness monster and a Yeti?

Ben : The smaller usually wins, even if he looks a little bit weird.

Is there a common band the three of you love?

Ben : Of course, and not only one. For example Kraftwerk.

Charlie : Yes, more than one… Pavement for instance.

Is Lonesome George about a tortoise? Please tell me more about this?

Charlie : Don’t you know Lonesome George ?

No, I’m not that up on tortoise news.

Ben : It's about a tortoise and the last one of its sort. Now there's a song to remember.

I won’t forget him now. What do you miss most when you are away from your Paris home?

Ben : Except my bed, it would be my friends. I never missed Paris' subway.

Charlie : My girlfriend - she will like this answer!

I'm all for helping you score some brownie points. Are there any Paris bands you would recommend we listen to?

Charlie : Yes, of course! Zombie Zombie, Turzi or The Berg Sans Nipple are some of my favorites.

Ben : Yeah, Zombie Zombie, Turzi, Herman Dune and Elboydie.

What was your favourite album of 2009?

Charlie : Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion

Ben : Embryonic by The Flamming Lips

Are you planning any live dates in the UK?

Ben : We're working on it! We'll come as soon as we can.

Charlie : There is a short tour planned but nothing’s confirmed yet, and maybe one or two shows in London beside that.

Thanks for your time, what’s next on your to-do list?

Charlie : Right now I’m going to cook something for dinner.

Ben : Another interview and listening to these two old LFO records I've just bought.

With that we wave them an au revoir and try to work out exactly where we are going to hide this many cigarettes!

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