Moonshot - No Sign Of Morning

There's a fine line between using a band as an influence and committing something akin to musical plagiarism and Moonshot don't just end up on the wrong side of this line, they rub it in our ears for all ten of these tracks. It doesn't take long for one to notice the overwhelming Pet Shop Boys 'influence' on No Sign Of Morning and while a lot of the instrumentals take on a more trip-hop vibe, you never quite shake the feeling that you're just listening to a collection of PSB b-sides. No Sign Of Morning has little to recommend it, but what is there is polished enough for those who can overlook the derivative nature of the album: the vocals are crisp and the occasional guest vocals from Clare Portman always improve a track such as 'This Is England' and is the closest Moonshot come to sounding like their own band. However, most listeners would be hard pushed to hang around when tracks start to drag on for over five minutes with no discernible hook or beat, especially relevant on final track 'Rollercoaster' which clocks in at a mammoth seven minutes and 34 seconds, leaving few with the desire to repeat the whole experience again.



out of 10

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