Angel City - Touch Me

A track called Touch Me by a band called Angel City and with that cover, it surely wasn't too far a leap of imagination to expect a thrilling mix of electropop, noise and a set of rum vocals. But, like taking out a subscription to some of Northern & Shell's finest and finding that nothing is delivered but copies of OK!, this could hardly promise more and deliver so little than what it does.

I mean, it's just awful and pales in comparison even to Samantha Fox's Touch Me (I Want To Feel Your Body), which really wasn't that good but now sounds like a masterpiece. Track one is tinny synth-pop but displays as much working knowledge of using a synth as I have of a nuclear reactor and what's here doesn't sound as though Angel City got far from the first sound their keyboards made when it came out of the box it arrived in. What's worse is that this single comes with four remixes, which is like being invited for a five-course meal and finding that each course consists of a turd on a plate, only varying in size from starter to main.

Disappointing? Ever so slightly...



out of 10

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