Animal Collective - Campfire Songs

The five tracks that make up Campfire Songs are not so much songs as a collection of ambient tunes that merge seamlessly into each other. Originally released in 2003, and since out of print, this lovely collection shows a more homespun, organic side to the band. Inspired by the idea of songs emerging from a campfire, the music seems to twist and turn like flames taking on different shapes and sounds. The lyrics are softly sung and indistinct, more to add texture to the music than anything else.

The album starts off with the 10 minute ‘Queen in My Pictures’, which builds slowly and quietly with chanting voices and a scratchy guitar keeping pace. This then segues into ‘Doggy’, upbeat and fiery, the barely distinguishable lyrics are of little importance, but act more as form for the vocals to wrap themselves around. ‘Two Corvettes’ is more mournful and dreamy while to two final tracks ‘Moo Rah Rah Rain’ and ‘De Soto De Son’ (both over 11 minutes long) feel like the flames of the campfire slowly dying away. ‘Moo Rah Rah Rain’ starts off with guttural chanting while the soft lulling music moves along at its own pace before becoming ‘De Soto De Son’ with its mandolin-like guitar and the band’s beautiful harmonizing vocals.

Perhaps an album more for die-hard Animal Collective fans as opposed to others just discovering this band’s weirdly wonderful music, this is a lovely album to have playing behind you, keeping you warm during these long cold winter nights.



out of 10

Last updated: 28/05/2018 12:50:42

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