Love Generation - Let The Good Times In

The naive idealism of sixties-America was never more perfectly embellished than by the Love Generation, a pop group backed by a strong core of quality songwriting that never received enough credit during their short eighteen-month reign. Brotherly leaders of the group Tom and John Bahler's portfolio would later see the pair linked with many legends of music, ranging from Elvis to Michael Jackson, and yet their Love Generation project stalled on early momentum despite three albums and six singles released during their two-year contract.

This is soft-pop at its most punchiest; whereas arrangers such as Hugo Montenegro and Jim Webb were spicing up songs with their orchestral punch, the Bahler brothers injected a powerful pop resonance to the Love Generation that helped to drive some blissful, sun-drenched pop songs home. This Rev-Ola reissue thankfully rounds up the best Love Generation material from the three albums The Love Generation, Montage and A Generation Of Love. There's even a non-LP track, entitled Catching Up On Fun, which is arguably the most catchy inclusion on the compilation. The Bahler brothers heavily indulged in multi-harmonies, groovy bass-lines and flowery arrangements, to the extent that it's no surprise that the majority of familial television at the time caught on to the bandwagon, such as The Monkees and The Partridge Family.

With songs so heavily buried in positive, primary-colour-driven themes it's hard to repel the Love Generation from your feelings. After all, how could you resist such perfectly-crafted soft-pop songs as Groovy Summertime, Meet Me At The Love In or the poignant Jimmy Webb ballad Montage (From 'How Sweet It Is)? The Bahlers found fortune after the Love Generation since through a variety of ways in the industry, but take a trip back to the late-sixties with Let The Good Times In to catch supreme soft-pop talent in an appreciative era.

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