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Germany isn't a nation renown for its musical taste (note: David Hasselhof is popular there), so Pet's Player One Ready may come as something of a pleasant surprise. Founder, Andre Abshagen, even sings in English, which he descibes as "the language of pop", making there no real barrier to appreciating his band. For their debut album, the trio have crafted a near equal mix of instrumentals and light electronic rock songs.

If Pet seem slightly marginal, then they are no more so than, say, Super Furry Animals (who at least recorded an album in their native Welsh language). Neither group is afraid to make an attempt on perfect pop, albeit with a quirky edge. The most succesful examples here are excellent singles No Yes No and the lovely Snooze. As for the instrumentals, Superpet and Monza sound like Air might were someone to stick rockets up their Gallic asses, while Intro Theme has a disco feel. In fact, across the whole album, the electronic element is reassuringly cheesy and retro. (The title is intended to spark memories of old computer games.)

Despite Player One Ready cramming plenty of ideas into a relatively short forty-minute running time, it still sounds, frustratingly, like a minor release. Which could well be the point. On this evidence, Pet are sure to be a cult act, although one senses, indeed hopes, there may be something bigger waiting to get out.

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