Zen - Devil Take Me Down

Devil Take Me Down is instantly catchy and instantly recognizable. It's got one of those three note lilting 60's pop flavour riffs that seem to have never gone out of fashion and here it is again. Zen are obviously heavily influenced by certain British bands from the 60's and don't do a bad show of making it their own. This features lovely, harmonized chorus thats warm and catchy. Deptford Broadway, reveals a more American based influence, but we're still very much in the late 60's/early 70's for this one. It has a sort of 'Eagles' flavour, if the Eagles were a bit more psychedelic, which, again, is no bad thing. The whole thing is finished off with a demo version of something called 'She's So Demanding' which shows a rougher side to the band; it's a little bit more 'rock' with a basic, fuzzy guitar riff, only spoilt by some noodle some soloing about half way through. We've still not gotten out of the seventies, by the way.

Zen could well be a band to look out for over the coming months. These three songs reveal a depth of songwriting that's all too rare at the moment. Deptford Broadway even manages to make Deptford sound quite romantic. Quite a feat you’ll agree if you’ve ever been there. They're well structured little songs, and you suspect that these three were chosen for the single as they each show different sides and moods to the band and the very fact that this is a band that do have different moods and sides is very promising indeed.

Available from here and most worthy of a listen.



out of 10

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