The Music Fix Tips for 2010

Take a seat and cross our palm with silver (or Pay-Pal - that’s cool with us) and gaze into the future. The mists are clearing - you driving a rocket car and eating meals consisting only of capsules brought to you by a robot bulter. And playing in the background is……


The Drums had a pretty awesome 2009. But that was just the advance party. It’s in 2010 that their assault of the hearts and minds of the UK will begin in full force. Expect these ethereal tunes to become a big part of your record collection.

MAY 68

In May of 1968 France experienced the largest general strike that devastated the economy. In 2010 May 68 are devastating dance-floors everywhere, but having the opposite effect on the economy as these funky songs will cheer up even the most despondent bankers.

MAY68 - Channel M - City Centre Social from MAY68 on Vimeo.


We’ll always hold the door open for a pretty girl, but when she can sing like this we’ll even throw our favourite coat over a puddle. In this video she pounds the drums, but is equally at home with an acoustic guitar. Her spellbinding cover of Midlake’s ‘Roscoe’ on Lauren Laverne's radio show showcased her talents perfectly. Go and track it down.


The opportunity to write about “knocking your stuffing out” is one that is almost too good to miss. But then so are this band. Their trajectory is punched in for planet pop. Hurry if you want to leap aboard their neon space-ship - the countdown has already begun.


These are two Essex boys with drums and a guitar that take their name from a wrestling move where the protagonist hurls and twists their body as a weapon from the top rope. Not only do they already have a strong catalogue of songs but choosing their live show over the wrestling makes it less likely you will be hit with a folding chair.


Like a diaphragm the music breathes life into all around it. Relaxing yet invigorating. Familiar but unknown. Possessing that unquantifiable something you can’t quite put your finger on. Eerie but comforting. Organic yet electronic. Such conflicting statements shouldn’t make any sense, but when you listen to Washed Out it all seems to.


On first listen it would be easy to believe these four kids from Florida were releasing albums in the sixties that have just been uncovered. Their surf-rock meets classic-rock formula is honed to perfection. Listen more and it becomes apparent they are building something new and exciting on these established foundations.


With a singer that you want to take home and cheer up with your collection of Carry On movies Frightened Rabbit are an endearing prospect. Juxtaposing anthemic with empathic – cling on for dear life, expect some hearbreak but know by the end you’ll be in a better place.


It's taken a wee while for anyone to run with the Glasvegas template, but TTT return to the source, their other-worldly Spectorisms giving rise to all manner of spine-shivering potential. We like a lot.


What may start out as Dubstep ends somewhere else; in a place where no-one has had time to erect a signpost. There’s been a lot of hype around Joy Orbison. If he delivers on the promise of early tracks suspect to see him as the electronic entry in this years Mercury Music awards. Might be worth placing a bet now, just remember where you heard it first.


Florence may well have her Machine, but Liz is taking it old-school and sticking with her catapult. Expect a stone hurtling towards you in the near future; but you won’t stay mad for long when they serenade you with such one their beautiful songs. This could well be the soundtrack to your summer.


The synth-pop revival is still in full force and producing some amazing bands. Parallels have been branded with the Kitsune cool stamp, they have the talent to carry them forward after their thrusting into the hipster spotlight. It’s the eighties all over again, only this time you don’t have to look like a twat.


Is 2010 the year of a the new-new-new-new-wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal? Don’t bet against it. With home-grown talents like Invasion and Chickenhawk ensuring the days of whining American teens are numbered. They are preparing themselves for an onslaught on your ears. Plus here at TMF we don't really need an an excuse to show a video with Zombies in it.


Unlike the little branch of Comet near TMF towers these Little Comets won’t lie to you about HD ready televisions. They are more interested in getting the party started with their staccato-indie-pop. It might start as a gathering in the garden but as 2010 unfolds expect them as a mainstay for festival season.


If everything that follows is as great as 'Dance The Way I Feel' then the sky is the limit for the band with finest name in this list. They've certainly got the attention of the great and the good. Those of you keen on throwing some serious shapes on a Saturday night should track down the Armand Van Helden Club Mix. 2010 may be the year where everyone is wearing their trunks under their trousers!


Another artist taking the influences of dubstep & garage in an exciting new direction. Escaping the sub-bass trap and making tracks with a lighter sound but still underpinned by a sinister attitude. Big brother may well be watching, but more importantly he's listening. We are very excited about any plans Darkstar may have for us in 2010.


It's safe to say that there won't be a top tops of 2010 list without Marina And The Diamonds on it, well except maybe Kerrang!'s. It's fully justified though and not a case of us Music Fixers following the crowd. From the heartfelt 'I Am Not A Robot' to the delightful kookiness of 'Mowgli's Road' via the electro pop of 'Hollywood', Marina has already showcased more variation that most music acts can even dream of and that's just the singles. Debut album The Family Jewels is out in February and it's also safe to say that every music fan worth their salt will be talking about it.


Another fine band from Sunderland. They look great, they’ve got the tunes and momentum is on their side. They’ve mastered the foot-stomper and the ballad. They are coming to a town near you. They could well be your favourite new band.

And as the mists form again and the vision fades we tell you some nonsense about a tall dark stranger; but you won’t be listening. You’ll be heading home to clear some space on your shelf (or hard drive) for all the great bands 2010 has to offer.

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