You Me At Six - Hold Me Down

As one of the first albums of the new decade to hit the racks Hold Me Down arrives bearing an abundance of one of the more insidious fruits of the noughties. Yes,You Me At Six have risen from the stockbroker belt like a featherless phoenix, methodically plucked of all feathers of British identity and hell bent on aping the sound and success of their predeccessors across the Atlantic. They are not alone of course and, where the UK once led the world in rock music, the country is now trudging lamely behind an insipid trend of MTv wallpaper 'punk'. They are cheeky and chirpy lads and it is impossible to knock the professionalism and sheen of their approach but this just serves to underline the generic, unimaginative content. It is hard to criticise bands like YMAS for chasing success and tapping into that ready made market of uncritical teens who, ten years ago, would have been waving their Hello Kitty handbags at Take That. Ironically it is in that epic pop territory where Hold Me Down is most successful, with tracks such as the saccharine sweet 'Liquid Confidence' being ready made for the chart success which YMAS crave. It may be a soulless, hastily traced, parent friendly copy of someone else's heritage but, one thing is for sure, it will sell in bucketloads until the next train pulls into the station.



out of 10

Last updated: 25/06/2018 10:11:40

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