Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Road

There’s a knock on your door. Some sharp-dressed young man is standing there - with a suit clearly costing more than the bulk of your wardrobe. His red sports car is skewed across the street and as he makes eye contact with you his tears begin. Your eyes pan down to his hands, holding the still corpse of Mr.Tiddles – your lifelong companion - flattened under Michelin Pilot tyres. He was always there for you, even during the horrific bullying at school after you etched the words Ocean Colour Scene onto your binder; he never judged you. But this is a day in Butlins compared to The Road, a dual-pronged assault of piano and violin designed to reduce you to a quivering mess by track six. It’s a tense and exhausting listen that (like most soundtracks) fails to stand alone without the film. I’d hide this in a shoebox with the words “only open on worst day ever” written in green biro.



out of 10

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