Gisli - How About That?

Yes! At last it gets a proper release. Having talked this single up since I was sent a promo copy of the 7" back in January, I was starting to believe something had fallen into my hands that was actually destined for some top secret musical project as though Oliver Stone had been handed a confidential photograph showing exactly who was on the grassy knoll that day. Not even an article in The Guardian nor Gisli's website was ever going to appear to make this real, which makes the full release of this on a CD single all the more welcome.

As January's review of the 7" single impressed upon the 233 people who read it, this is a great, stumbling, acoustic hip-hop in the manner of Mellow Gold-era Beck that opens with the skewed view on life that, "A lot of princesses used to be sluts...A lot of evil lawyers used to be really cool / How 'bout that?" before the chunky electrics and rhythms burst into the chorus of, "We're all doing fine / I'll just sit and relax...leave me the fuck alone." Except this time round, some effort has been made to make Gisli a little more radio friendly so the line now reads, "leave me the hell alone." That EMI have seen fit, however, to leave in the line about a lot of heavyweight boxers going down for cash means they're clearly leaving it open to interpretation...

Still, this time round we lose Can You Make Me Right in favour of the B-sides Check Your Pants and My Most Frequent Thought (During The Recent War In Iraq), which, as a song title alone, is there with Beck's MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack. I hope the release of this single, a forthcoming album if there is one and Gisli's appearance on the New Band Stage on the 26th June at Glastonbury give him the support he needs to make it. Alongside Faultline, Gisli is the best music that I've heard all year and he's well deserving of more of an audience than me.



out of 10

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