Talk Normal - Sugarland

This is an acoustically brutal affair, straddling an extremely unsettling and sinister edge. It can only be described as the pleas of what sounds like a kidnapped Karren O begging for her life with an insane captor in an abandoned middle-America motel as knives are sharpened, cutlery drawers hurled across the room and storms dominate the skies. Just when you think things have got as weird as they are going to get in comes a cover of Roxy Music's 'In Every Dream Home A Heartache', its first three-and-a-half minutes provide a lull in the proceedings that make the terrifying cacophony that follows even more poignant. This is an almost unbearably intense album that constructs a fearsome nightmare you won’t want to wake from. Play it loud and convince the neighbours David Lynch is staying with you this Christmas. Just don't be surprised when you start receiving ransom notes and blurry video footage of strangers in your house.



out of 10

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