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Hurrah for Rock 'n' Roll. It truly is one of the wonders of the modern world and blessed be it if it is capable of producing beasts like AntiProduct. AntiProduct are currently making waves for themselves as probably the worlds biggest underground band, and formed by once Enuff 'Z' Enuff guitarist and Ginger from the Wildhearts collaborator, Alex Kane or, A. Product to you and he's surrounded by musicians, male and female (Melani Yum?) of similar talent and insanity. They have a talent for the publicity stunt which has involved Mr. Product stopping the traffic by getting naked on top of a van and having possibly the longest single in history - the 16 track, 55 minute long 'Better Than This' maxi-single.

As you might have guessed, there's nothing subtle about this band, who once vomited upon Chris Evans; this should make you want to buy them a drink if nothing else. Likewise, there's nothing subtle about this album, either, a follow up to 2003's 'Consume And Die...The Rest Is All Fun'. Comparisons to The Darkness are practically compulsory - Like The Darkness, AntiProduct have a line in massive power chords, choruses that are larger than the new Wembley Stadium and have a serious 'rock' attitude. However, there's more intelligence, humor and thought here than the poor old Darkness could muster up in a thousand years of bedroom mirror posing. AntiProduct are far more than a one trick pony.

Opening track Thank God I'm Right sets the cards on the table. A riff of quite enormous standards flops from your speakers like a pissed up sailor stumbling out of a whorehouse. Its Kiss, Aerosmith and AC/DC all rolled into one but this is far more than a collection of 'riffs we have loved before'. There's a certain dynamism at the heart of this band that’s constantly present underneath the surface. The X factor, the way the songs can suddenly take an unexpected turn and present you with a complete surprise - here it is in the first track which suddenly degenerates into a quite incongruous 'bah bah bah-pah-pah' sung harmony by the female members of the band. There it is again in Turn Me On which has shades of electronica. Whatever it is the band is doing, they are doing it right.

There's a great live feel to this album. Nothing sounds overproduced and it all fits neatly together into one large whole. It's a slab of guitars, harmonies and inanity - How do you explain something like If I was Orson Welles? You can't. It's a speedy, psyched up dose of electric rock. Elsewhere, the wonderful Girls Who Wanna Be Boys is as catchy as herpes. Better Than This is another chorus heavy ride into Kiss land. As well as the bubblegum pop side to the band, though, there's a semi-serious side. There's much here to get your teeth into. The clue, as A. Product has pointed out elsewhere, is in the name. There's a sense of anti-everything about this band that's quite refreshing, after all, what else is selling your bodily fluids apart from a satirical statement on the willingness of artists to reduce themselves to products for a market. It is perhaps this sense of mockery of all that the 'music biz' holds dear that has left AntiProduct without the backing of a major label despite a massive fan base. If this album is anything to go by, its not doing them any harm at all.

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