Let's Go Bananas: Turbo Fruits interview

It's almost Christmas. Noemie Lenoir is still prancing about in her underwear and the thought of just one more mince pie, although appealing, induces nausea. Thoughts of music turn to Slade and Bing and it takes something rather good to emerge from out of the snowdrifts of 'greatest hits' and 'best of's' that clutter the racks.

Turbo Fruits' second album Echo Kid is the business. An Alka-Seltzer of garage rock goodness, it settles the tum, clears the head and cleans out the pipes big-style. Researchers believe it may be an injection-free solution to swine flu and it will definitely turn a bad office party into an episide of Shindig!

We caught up with top banana Jonas Stein as they hit old London town for a few vitamin-packed shows.

Can you remember the first instrument you ever played in anger?

My first was the drums! Nothing like being able to beat the shit out of your drums after a long day of grade school! I then got tired of not hearing any melody so i moved to guitar!

Your new album Echo Kid made us dance so hard we wore a hole in our sneakers. We were never particularly lucky with the ladies, but I bet you guys never had any such problems. What was the name of your High School sweetheart and what was 'your song' at the dance?

Oh well, I'm glad you enjoy it! My High School sweetheart's name was Blueberry Hill. Our song was 'Ain't That A Shame' by Fats Domino.

What was the dumbest thing you ever saw in your many years of schooling?

Hmmm.... Probably this kid who started living in his RV/camper which was parked in the school parking lot for most the year. I think he had dropped out at that point.

Sober is indeed the New High. Hard liquour especially is so 1870s. These days we eat cake and stroke cats for pleasure. How do Turbo Fruits relax of an evening?

Generally about four Guinness and an American-rolled joint. Don't alcohol and marijuana still count as sober!?!?

As visitors to London this month, no doubt you'll be having tea with the Queen. If you were to return the favour, which three Nashville tourist spots would you suggest?

1.The horse stables I used to work at called Juro Stables. Everyone should ride a horse while in Tennessee.

2. Princes Hot Chicken. The hottest of the hottest of the hot chicken in the world. One bite will make you shit for days but it's all worth the experience!

3. A day out on the river! Beers ... canoeing ... Smoke. Drink. Swim... I call it Cabrewing.

Any ideas of what the next trend in fruit may be? I hear the paw-paw is really hot right now.

Well I'm a traditional fruit lover. I'm going with the classic banana. You can do and make so many usful things with them!

We're hoping the Twenty Tens will have less nonsense (like wars) and more of the good stuffs (like a cat in every home). As the Presidents of the small Island of Rock, what laws would you enact?

I would oppress cigarette smokers even more. I would legalize marijuana. I would make wars internationally illegal!

Finally, sometimes we get sad. Do you know any good jokes?

I know two! Why did the mushroom walk into the bar? Because he was a fungi! Why did he leave? Because there wasn't mushroom!

Echo Kid is out now on Ark Records. It's a total smash!

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