Paul Curreri - California

After six years on the road Paul Curreri ended up with crocked vocal cords and was forced to hunker down, deal with the consequences and find some inner peace. He also found time to write his latest album California.

Simplicity is the order of the day and, for the most part, everything centres around Curreri and his acoustic guitar. There are some anomalies, such as the Knopfler tinged guitar licks of ‘Once Upon A Rooftop’ and the gentle cover of ‘Wildegeeses’ which sees him duet with wife Devon Sproule, but on the whole this is one man and his guitar.

California is a welcoming record and encountering it is perhaps akin to dashing in out of the howling wind and rain and finding a barstool next to a crackling open fire. Highlights are the Dylan-esque ‘Here Comes Another Morning,’ which rattles along like an old boxcar, and the genuinely arresting ‘I Can’t Return’ which tells the tale of a man saved from the crutch of affected artistic despondency by the irresistible lure of love. As ever, however, the sounds of contentment are rarely as enduring or demanding of devotion as the sounds of confusion and we can only hope that Curreri’s journey of self discovery hits a fork in the road before his next album.



out of 10

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