Dead Confederate - Wrecking Ball

Dead Confederate were discovered by Gary Gersh, they guy responsible for bringing both Sonic Youth and Nirvana to Geffen in the year that punk broke. He’s clearly a man who knows what he likes as Wrecking Ball has more than a passing acquaintance with the Cobain canon, although opening track ‘Heavy Petting’ probably has more in common with Courtney Love’s Hole than anything else.

It would, however, be unfair to bury the Dead Confederate with the rotting carcass of grunge. Recent single ‘The Rat’ demonstrates the breadth and depth of their palette; while ‘It Was A Rose’ succeeds in creating a spacious, dynamic workspace which blends the prim and proper, very English influences of Radiohead and Gilmour with the self obsessed, tortured soul chic of ‘90s Seattle. They may be derivative but it is fun to spot the reference points (‘Goner’= Nirvana, ‘All The Angels’ = Smashing Pumpkins’ etc) and, ultimately, it is a successful formula.

Part of its charm lies in the fact that of the obvious influences Pink Floyd and Nirvana no longer exist while neither Thom Yorke nor Billy Corgan are interested in making records which sound anything like those upon which they built their careers. Wrecking Ball, as an intelligent, well paced ‘complaint rock’ album, neatly fills a gaping hole in the market. Let your hair down, spark up a fat one and get miserable with Dead Confederate.



out of 10

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