Danny Krivit - 718 Sessions

As you might expect from a man who began DJ’ing professionally in 1970's New York, this latest mix from Danny Krivit ignores dance music’s current trends. Krivit has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Nile Rogers and James Brown, so the clear bias towards sounds shaped by soul, disco, funk, even jazz, is unsurprising. It’s telling that, though most of these recordings are bang up to date, 'Peace Pipe', a 70s disco-funk track from BT Express, doesn’t sound at all out of place, especially following the epic percussion ‘n’ horn work out of Lower East Side Pipes’ 'Disorganised Corruption'.

Without Googling, one would find it hard where precisely to locate the likes of Jazzy Jeff’s 'House of Tribe', Roy Ayers’ 'Brand New Feeling' (Sting Inst Mix) or Earth People’s 'Dance (Beats)' in the last couple of decades. All, however, are fine examples of expertly-produced instrumental dance music, even if only the latter, with its stripped back jackin’ beats, would have you break a sweat.

On the flipside of the coin, Krivit can’t help but keep returning to soulful house. As a result, he does occasionally tread on bland Hed Kandi territory, but never for too long. Vocal tracks by Teddy Douglas and UBQ Project at least have that classic house feel, and are in keeping with the warm, relaxed vibe of the rest of the mix. If you fancy a break from minimal bleepiness, basslines that hurry through your last meal or BPM that threaten to send your heart into cardiac arrest, 718 Sessions comes recommended.



out of 10

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