Introducing: The Candle Thieves

Maybe you are already familiar with the marvellous Candle Thieves and their joyful Sunshine EP which we reviewed back in the Summer. If not then you've just alighted upon the perfect page as Glock from the band has just popped by for a coffee and a natter.

Hi Glock, thanks for sparing some time to talk to The Music Fix…

Glock: Not all all, thanks for sparing some time to talk to us.

No problem, it gives me someone new to test my hypnotism skills upon - look back through the mists of time and tell me...what's your earliest musical memory?

Glock: I have a vivid memory of sitting on my Mother's knee as a toddler while she used to play the piano. My memory's not ideal but I remember crying so much that she actually had the piano removed. That was one of my first mistakes.

Not at all, we love a music critic here. Back in the present - if you wanted to describe your music to a stranger on the street, who or what would you compare yourself to?

Glock: A lot of the time I'm not really up for talking to the people I do know so I try to steer clear of strangers.

Well, youll be pleased to hear then that in order to ease the pressures of urban crowding you have been selected for relocation to live on a desert island for a year. You can take one album, one book and one DVD to keep you amused. What will you be packing?

Glock: Ahhh great question! Well I'd take a tourist guide book of the Desert Island. One album would be really tough! Maybe a best of Randy Newman cd to cover the good and the bad days and probably the 1st season of Game-On for my DVD choice. The Candle Thieves are huge Ben Chaplin's fans.

What's the most exciting gig you've seen?

Glock: I saw Neil Young last summer at Hyde Park and it made me realise why people like that are still around. The Springsteen gigs looked just as awesome. They upstaged every other band I think I've ever seen. It made me feel like absolutely nothing, but in a really positive way to try a little harder.

And what’s the most memorable gig you’ve performed?

Glock: All of the Garden gig's we played this summer were really memorable. All so different and everyone made such an effort with their evenings. Either with the food, or the company. Some hosts got really creative with the props and stage layouts. It was like playing a whole load of mini festivals. It was a good summer.

If you could curate your own ATP festival with any five artists, who would you choose?

Glock: Off the top of my head and choosing from people still alive...

Bruce Springsteen (Headlining)

Kiss (Scott's a big fan so this'd be for him)


Randy Newman

The Candle Thieves (imagine getting that gig!)[/i]

Yeah, I could see you doing a great duet on 'Beth' with Paul Stanley actually. Talking of which - what is the most cringe worthy track that you just can't bring yourself to delete from your i-pod?

Glock: I've got 'Agadoo' by Black Lace on my iPod. It just brightens up the most awkward of situations.

Ahh, the golden years of pop! Well it’s now 2009 and music is in dire need of a shake up. We’ve heard that you could help change that and so we are counting on you to do your duty - what's your manifesto to conquer the world of pop?

Glock: Has my Mother been calling you again! Awww well we have no idea about conquering the world of Pop. I think it's been conquered already. It's a cynical outlook but as we lose people like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Lennon & McCartney, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Springsteen, Bowie, Leonard Cohen, The great Motown voices to name a few... I'm not sure that artists like that can or will be replaced. It makes me want to cry listening to stuff like that cause there's really no touching it. I just want to write songs that come from somewhere real and do my best to enjoy it.

We just heard that new environmental legislation means that for every new album released in future the master tapes of a previously released album have to be wiped and recycled. When you release your album, which past classic would you choose to destroy the master tape of?

Glock: Ahhh that's not my desicion to make. Someone somewhere would be having their day ruined and I don't want that on my conscience.

OK, give me a call when the album is ready and I'll make the decision for you! Apart from recording an album, what's next for The Candle Thieves?

Glock: A cup of coffee would be great!

Where are my manners? I'll put the kettle on...

Thank you so much for the interview.

Glock - The Candle Thieves x x x

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