Converge - Axe To Fall

After nearly 20 years in the business you won’t be surprised to find that Converge haven’t suddenly veered off on an 80s synth tangent; but be warned pop pickers, ‘Wishing Well’ is not a cover of the Terence Trent D’Arby hit. No, Axe To Fall is, as you’d expect, brutal. An unstoppable wave of devastation ripping through speakers and into your cranium. There’s no quarter give, no mercy shown.

Each track arrives, like death, as a short, sharp, shock. When vocalist Jacob Bannon shreds his throat to warn you that your karma has been racking debts on ’Worms Will Feed…’ you know that you won’t sleep easy tonight. Terminology is quite meaningless, people toss around the concept of metal like a pair of soiled panties at a Poison gig. Sure, everything is ‘metal’ but this is truly fucking HEAVY. So heavy, in fact, that it is too much to assimilate on first listen but allow your brain to recalibrate and you’ll find that these guys can play.

After 19 years you might expect that Converge might start to lose momentum, get comfy and maybe even kid themselves, like the deluded Hetfield, that they can actually sing conventional tunes. Not a bit of it. This is extreme. Listen to ‘Damages’ and feel the oppression crush your spirit as you are ordered to extinguish your own hells. The uninitiated should approach with trepidation but approach nonetheless. There’s a terrible beauty here for those brave enough to find it.



out of 10

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