Get Back Guinozzi - Carpet Madness

Get Back Guinozzi started as collaboration between French chums Eglantine Gouzy and Fred Landini, initially exchanging tracks over the internet, slowly adding vocals, keyboards, percussion and weird electronics on each trip in and out of each others mailboxes until the tracks started to take shape. The result of these collaborations is Carpet Madness, a frosted yet eerie collection of charismatic indie-pop songs.

Eglantine’s voice bristles with a youthful exuberance. Like a mystical pop-pixie she lovingly sprinkles her magic dust over the electro-lo-fi party, her voice weaving a spell that summons disco donkeys, twee terrapins and beatnik badgers out to play. Fans of Stereolab, CSS or New Young Pony Club will be reaching for their Crayola to fill in membership form to join the Guinozzi gang.

All the material exhibits a strong DIY aesthetic. This simplicity is one of their most attractive traits, making them stand out from the carbon copy crowd. There is a exuberant cover of Junior Murvin’s ‘Police & Thieves’ but I’m not sure that the line “Scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition” was intended to be delivered with the joy and glee of a birthday party invite. Somehow it works though. Of their own material ‘L.A’ is their finest three minutes, a pic-n-mix of squelchy synths, laid-back beats and effortlessly cute vocals that will put a spring into even the most despondent of steps.

Those of you happy to swan dive into a swimming pool of sherbet will be ecstatic. For those only partial to the odd humbug on alternate weekends, this may be too sickly-sweet for your palette.



out of 10

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