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The Silent Years are an indie guitar band from Detroit and they wear their influences boldly on their sleeves. They creep closely in the well trodden footsteps of Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire while also appearing to be in thrall to Radiohead. Lyrically they don't shy away from unfashionably big issues, and we're talking biblical scale here, but musically they just don't appear to have found a vehicle to express their individuality.

Yep, the problem with The Silent Years is that they just sound so goddamn identical to every other band that is currently crossing the Atlantic with a copy of Pet Sounds under one arm and a banjo in the other. Technically it is superb but we've already long passed saturation point and so there's nowhere for them to go but slowly trickle down the nearest storm drain.

It is a shame that The Globe is so musically derivative as there's clearly a great deal going on inside frontman Josh Epstein's brain. The album title is telling, this is a man grappling with some fundamental philosophical issues and one gets the feeling that he might well be better off just cutting to the chase and writing a book. He's certainly a writer in dire need of a decent editor as, at sixteen tracks, The Globe meanders and stumble with an almost perverse determination to leave the listener behind. With captivating tracks such as 'On our way home' and 'Ropes', and punchy pop such as 'Taking drugs...' this could have been slimmed down to a manageble, exciting ten track release but this band seem intent on filling every available second of disc space available to them.

Epstein claims that the next record will be a simpler, more direct affair. Let's hope the Globe is still willing to give them a chance.



out of 10

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