Do Make Say Think - Other Truths

Canadian instrumental post-rockers Do Make Say Think return with album number six. Consisting of four long-form tracks each named after a word in the band's name. This axiom that content is crucial and title is unimportant provides a pivotal life-lesson except, of course, when shopping for tinned goods.

Like sitting back and watching the sea, the music flows and ebbs naturally and effortlessly. The connection between tracks so fluid that it could easily have been packaged as a single movement. There is often a tendency to lean toward intensity and darkness in instrumental post-rock, but Other Truths manages to avoid this. Spending most of its time naval gazing in the sunshine, the tracks themselves evolve organically – often taking several minutes to expose the many layers that make up the symphony. Dropping hints of where they may be going they wait until turning the final corner to expose the full splendour of their plans.

Do Make Say Think have created such focussed and fused arrangements that mid-way through it’s easy to believe the band cease to be in charge, the music begins to take on a life of its own and starts to play the band. Listener and musician now hand in hand, following the pre-ordained path with the certainty of a safe journey home.

As always, it’s extremely well recorded - a clean and crisp sound that ensures nothing is lost. Every note, beat and breath laid down is captured and threaded into the tapestry to make up the complete picture.

Whilst it isn’t mind-blowing and it doesn’t traverse any new bearings it chooses to navigate a competent and enjoyable voyage - just don’t expect to be white water rafting or jet-skiing across rivers of lava.



out of 10

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