The Black Madonnas - Buffalo Bar

The Black Madonnas, as well as having a fantastic name, also have a lot riding on them. Press interest is building around them and they've been compared to The Beatings, but don't let that put you off for as tonight shows, there's something about this band that's compelling. Maybe it's the songs, maybe it's the attitude, maybe it's the music, but more likely it's a combination of the three plus that little extra something that's impossible to define.

The songs, at least the ones they played tonight, are nothing to get excited about but something about the way they're performed adds a special sort of shine to them. It's passion, for a start, tinged with a desire to simply have a good time. Picking apart the music, for the most part the elements that really stand out are the bass lines and the vocals. The bass lines are huge, simply enormous great hulking, stomping things and when coupled with the grating vocals, they create lovely contrasts. Now, the vocals are scary things indeed. When he sings, it's as though the words are being torn from his chest with hooks or something; it’s utterly compelling to watch and to listen to.

There's not many songs played tonight, it seems like a very short set, but highlights are Judas, which stands out for it's compelling chorus. It's the sort of song you don't want to end, one listen and that’s it, addicted. As stated, on paper, it doesn't sound that exciting - it is, after all, another rock 'n' roll noise band, but one that performs with such passion and attitude that you can't help but get a little bit excited and make a mental note to see them again as soon as possible. There are all sorts of influences there, sort of garage-punk with a smattering of psychedelia but you’d hesitate to label them as anything but excellent. See them soon.

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