Digger and the Pussycats - Buffalo Bar

First up, tonight, its The Dirty, and they give us a steller show. They're the closest thing you'll get to seeing the Stones/Aerosmith/whoever circa 1970-whatever live in the flesh. Kyrill is a born superstar combining Jagger-esque barks with violence and all to a pure rock 'n' roll heartbeat. They deserve to be absolutely massive and if bands became successful merely by being uber-talented, fun and charismatic, then they would be massive. "My guitars out of tune.", Moans Marc to Kyrill, "That always happens. My one chance for a guitar-wank and you go and kick it and it goes out of tune." that sentence encapsulates both the music and the performance. See them.

Digger and the Pussycats are Australian; perhaps that’s why they give such a chaotic performance. They know they are going home soon and won't have to pay for the damage. It's a two-piece, but they cause as much damage as a full band on crack. You get a drummer, with two drums and a guitarist/singer. So far, so nothing unusual, but as soon as they strike up the first chord, it seems there's something more than a little unusual going on. The first thing that strikes you is the sound. The closest thing to compare them to would be a sort of Buff Medways hybrid, with the sort of hollow sounding, punk-esque chords but with a more rockabilly sound. Rockabilly crossed perhaps with hardcore punk. It sounds great, anyway, if difficult to sum up.

The other thing that strikes you is the fun they are having. Particularly the drummer; whether he has no stool by accident or design is something we shall draw a veil over, but he strikes them drums with such force that he actually jumps as he plays. It's an amazing thing to see, a talent that you didn’t know existed, like something out of a cartoon - A Fred Quimby type cartoon, that would have to be, with a lot of violence and disrespect for property. The backdrop goes quite quickly and is thrown into the audience with much aplomb. They're foul mouthed as well. Ever seen a band with a song called "You Drive Like A Cunt"? If you see Digger and the Pussycats then you will have; subtlety not being a strong point with these fellows. "That wouldn't play on your Radio One", they quip, which is ironic 'cos it would make an utterly fantastic single as its one of the most memorable songs of the night.

It’s all over far too quickly, or at least it seems that way. They don’t so much play their songs as throw them at you. Sadly, they appear to have gone back down under now, but look out for them if ever they should return. Foul mouthed fun with a capital F. They’ve even got a website, here.

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