My Top Five Films - The Priscillas

These are the top five films in the world ever made, so help me God.
By Kate Priscilla

1. Carry On Camping
By which all others shall be judged. Bernard Bresslaw is excellently dozy, and Kenneth Williams is at the height of his nose-in-the-air powers. But look into his eyes, and see the despair, later documented in his diaries, at appearing in such lowbrow tosh. I barely have to mention the bra pinging incident…

2. Carry On Girls
I like to think that this was filmed when the affair between Babs Windsor and Sid James was at its gruesome height. A rockin’ Windsor predates Suzi Quatro by years, as she rolls up on her motorbike, tits strapped tight in her tight leathers. My heroine. The beauty contest storyline plays second fiddle to the gloriously of-its-time seaside backdrop. Keep an eye out for Jean Hickson (Miss Marple).

3. Carry On Doctor
A mighty stand-off between Windsor and Anita Harris, as the younger, more glamorous starlet snaps at the blonde titmonster’s high heels. Windsor wins out in full-on busty bikini mode however. And Harris is the sappy loser, as she ends up with the pudding-headed Jim Dale. Sid James spends most of the film in bed, thanks to his recent heart attack.

4. Carry On Cleo
Historical Carry Ons are an utter joy. Pay special attention to the genius of Charles Hawtrey as Seneca. Kenneth Williams was born to play Julius Caesar, and coins the classic Carry On quote: “Infamy, infamy. They've all got in for me.” The delectable Amanda Barrie (later in Coronation Street) bags Sid James this time. Windsor must have been spitting shit. Was filmed on the abandoned set of Burton and Taylor’s Cleopatra, swords and sandals fans!

5. (Carry On) Don’t Lose Your Head
The French revolution-set Carry On stars Sid James as The Black Fingernail (Ha! Ha! A hilarious take on the Scarlet Pimpernel). Yes, the dashing hero, is played by the walnut-faced and balding James. One of the last Carry Ons where Joan Sims played the romantic female lead, before succumbing, Hattie Jacques-style, to playing battle axes.

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Check out the website for details.

...And many, many thanks to Kate Priscilla for taking the time out from her busy schedule to write this.

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